Resin Art Serving Boards


Resin art cheese and charcuterie boards


Your piece of resin art has taken several days to complete and several weeks to fully cure so patience is the key to each piece.

Resin is a flow art, so no two pieces are the same as resin takes on a creative mind of its own during the curing process. The lacing / foaming effect is mesmerising to watch happening as you finish the pour. It gives a very realistic ocean wave and gives the piece a three-dimensional effect. My love of the beach and ocean waves are reflected in each piece – the sand and most of the shells have been collected by me.

The cheese and charcuterie boards are for serving.  It is not recommended that they are used as cutting boards as sharp knives may scratch the resin.


Do not immerse your resin piece in water or place in the dishwasher. Only suitable for hand hot dishes. Wipe the piece clean with warm water.


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